Unknown Journal Excerpt 1

Found in Mortis Krau’s underground compound in Oro’s Landing.

Yesterday concluded my final day with the Vantori, of the rocky western plains.

Again, their language, at its core, was strikingly similar the common Artorin dialect. That’s the third clan in a row. Nonetheless, they remain willfully segregated from both modernity, and other clans, only occasionally intermingling when absolutely necessary. How the primitive cultures of Artoris continue to fascinate me!

It took weeks to earn their trust. At first I was barely tolerated, despite gifts of food and tools. But after I shared my medical knowledge, they quickly warmed to me — or at least understood my value. They already knew which herbs to use, but not necessarily the best way to use them. I showed them to grind the roots of the Paporia, before boiling it down to create a concentrated paste capable of disinfecting wounds.

However, it wasn’t until I helped a mother through a particularly tough delivery, one that nearly cost her life as well as her child’s, that I was not just tolerated, but accepted. From that point I was no longer an outsider among them, but a member of their family.

That, of course, had always been my objective.

It was then that I was told of their history, carved into the walls of a sacred cave. Their mythos, their heroes, the story they tell each other to form collective bonds, as well as impart moral and practical lessons; all laid bare on those smooth stone walls, all now comfortably in my notes.

It will take a great deal of time to separate the myth from the history, yet I can barely contain…

Unknown Journal Excerpt 1

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