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The Black Sea

The Black Sea is an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign set in a sprawling original world of fantasy created in collaboration between the players and the DM.

At it’s heart, it is a story of conflicting ambitions. Each individual stands as the hero of their own story, yet no story lives in isolation. As perspectives clash, the line between right and wrong blur, those caught between it separated only by how much they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their will.

The Campaign

The most integral part of the campaign are the Player Characters, the lenses by which the players experience and interact with the world.

The current cast includes Argus Black, the Bard; Logan Loxely, the wizard; Rohf an Skorrige, the Barbarian; and Nymphaea Anthousai, the Rogue.

The characters will each keep Journals , where they chronicle important events from their unique perspectives.

Additionally, each session results in a new entry to the Adventure Log, which players can use to refresh themselves on past events.

The World

The campaign is set in the world of the Black Sea, a layered series of intersecting stories.

The most important part of the world are the characters within it. These are the NPCs who the players interact with, whether that be in jolly cooperation, heated conflict, or terrifying indifference.

Also important, are the Locations of the world, the key focal points where the major characters bump into each other time and time again, becoming catalysts for conflict.

World Features

As the players become more well-traveled, they will discover interesting parts of the world that merit further detail. These are the World Features, which will colour the journyes to take place.

Records include any curious or interesting pieces of writing discovered by the party. Are they meaningless scribbles, or hints of what lies behind the curtain?

The Duel is the national sport of Artoris. A fully fleshed out game-within-a-game the players may choose to interact with.

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