Black Sea

Session 5

The Party Tries BDSM

Despite their initial gatecrashing, the party decides to switch gears, uncharacteristically sneaking upstairs.

Nymphaea and Argus take a quick sweep on the floor, finding nothing. Argus then encounters a sleeping guard, and quickly casts Silence around him. He peeks through a door, but only catches a glimpse of the initiate.

The party quickly captures the sleeping guard, and interrogates him. His name is Jim, and he reveals that he and his two friends Tim and Mim are going to steal some treasure from the mansions and make off with it tonight. He’ll tell them where the treasure is if they let him live.

The party agrees, but first they decided to take out the initiate Argus saw earlier. As the barge into the room, they find there are actually 3 initiates, as well as a Faithful. The battle is quick and bloody, with the party emerging victorious.

They bring Jim into the room, and he reveals that the location of the treasure… is only known by Mim, who likes to read romance novels downstairs while pretending to shit.

Meanwhile, Logan is captivated by the strange energy all the Faithful sorcerers they’ve encountered seem to wield. Time and time again he sees them encase their hands in dark energy, before making a devastating close-range attack. He decides to spend some time recording his observations, hoping to learn more.

Rohf goes downstairs to find that Mim, scared shitless from the noise, has barricaded himself in the closet. However barricades are no match for Rohf’s berserker strength. He tears it down, and drags a cowering Mim upstairs.

In exchange for their lives, Jim and Mim tell the party everything they know… that the treasure is unlocked by a secret code: “From West to East, 3-2-1-4”.

After a misguided journey to the wine cellar, the party finally realizes that the code refers to the four pillars on the main floor. The party push loose stones on the pillars in the correct order, unlocking the treasure room upstairs.

Inside, the party finds two chests. Argus searches one, finding some valuable artwork, and Rohf searches another, finding various gems. Additionally, Rohf finds a small sack, inside which are four beans. Before even examining them, Rohf eats one. At first it makes him feel dizzy and sick, but after a few minutes he feels better than ever. He is invigorated with newfound energy, feeling as though he just awoke from a long rest.

Rohf decides not to tell his weary party about the three other beans.

The party eventually uncovers a hidden path to the basement. They descend, and find themselves interrupting a conversation between Mortis Krau, the Arch-Priest they’ve been after, and his left-hand man, Faithful Doyle…


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