Black Sea

Session 3 and 4

The Party Starts an Orphanage

Following the map they had received from Chantry, the party descended into the sewers below Oro’s Landing. The sewers were almost a maze, having been constructed haphazardly during the town’s unexpected economic boom some years past.

The party opened the gate and set forward in a tiny row boat. They rounded corner after corner, yet somehow found themselves exactly where they had begun.

“It’s a maze,” declared Rohf. “Someone should make a map,” he said, staring right at Argus.

“Nah we’re good fam,” responded Argus.

They spent the next eight hours going in a circle.

Eventually the party discovered that they could alter the water level by plugging various drains. This enabled them to take their boat through various pipes, accessing new parts of the sewers and bypassing gates. Unfortunately, the drains were also the favourite feeding spots of the various crocodiles who called the sewers home.

After several near death encounters; including a solo foray through a pipe by Argus, and a failed attempt at climbing a two fight pipe by Logan which nearly lead to his drowning, the party finally decided to make a map.

Now able to successfully navigate the maze of sewers, the party quickly plugged the remaining drain pipes, allowing them to access new areas — one of which was guarded by a two-headed crocodile from hell.

Rohf and Logan quickly dispatched the abomination. It was guarding a deep shaft. As the two lowered their torches into the opening, they noticed the gleam of something valuable. Using some rope he had on hand, Logan lowered Rohf deep into the hole. The barbarian returned covering a dirty shield. He cleaned and polished it in the disgusting sewer water, to find a perfectly reflective surface — it was a mirror shield.

The party soon came upon a tiny crack in the wall, barely large enough for a single person to squeeze through. They decided to send Nymphaea, who was lithe enough to effortlessly make it through. Inside, she found a series of rooms, one of which held some incredibly lifelike statues of men, their faces frozen in horror.

Nymphaea was no fool; she could connect the dots. A mirrored shield, and lifelike statues… They were not statues at all, but petrified men, turned into stone by some kind of deadly beast.

The party went on, eventually finding the exit of the sewers, to their great relief. They came upon a small landing, where they docked their boat and rested.

Feeling newly invigorated and ready to take on anything, the party resumed their journey.

They traveled for quit some time in their small rowboat. The smooth stone walls of the sewers gradually become a rough mix of mortar and rock; they had come upon the oldest segment of the world beneath the city. Finally, they reached a large landing in the water, upon which there was a single ladder heading upwards.

As soon as they set foot upon the landing they were met with the petrifying gaze of a basilisk.

Argus took aim with his crossbow, but as soon as his eyes met the beast’s, hey felt his body stiffen, and was completely paralyzed. The rest of the party had no luck, unable to attack the beast while averting their eyes. The beast was relentless, slowly tearing the now helpless party apart.

It was then that a flash of brilliance struck Logan. He gathered his energy, he positioned himself across from the basilisk, gathered his energy, and sent a wave of force in all directions. The Thunderwave blew the basilisk into the water.

Nymphaea got into position, and as soon as the beast climbed over the platform’s edge, she raised her mirrored shield. The basilisk mistook its reflection for a rival, and attacked with its petrifying gaze. It succeeded only in paralyzing itself, leaving it unable to grasp at the edge of the landing.

Paralyzed, the basilisk sunk below the sewer waters.

Barely alive, the party made a quick run for the ladder, pushing aside the heavy cover at the top, and breathing fresh air for the first time in nearly a day.

The party found themselves in a maintenance shed within the compound. Their infiltration was a success, they were near Mortis Krau’s mansion.

They decided to take a short rest. It was then that a guard approached the shed. The party quickly discussed how to best brutally murder the unsuspecting fellow, and got into position. Rohf raised his greatsword, poised to kill, when he heard the guard mutter, “…shitty fucking day. I just want to go home and see my newborn daughter.”

Struck by his own conscience, Rohf, ever merciful, decided to only cut off the man’s foot.

The guard screamed in pain, but the party quickly silenced him. They proceeded to interrogate the guard, whose name was Tim. He was a new hire, and didn’t know much. All he could tell them was that the basement was off limits, and therefore probably held something valuable.

Before the party could ask him anything else, they noticed a group of initiates approaching, accompanied by a Faithful, a powerful sorcerer. They came to investigate Tim’s scream, but were ambushed and dispatched by the party.

However, Rohf was consumed by his rage, and in the final moments of the fight, he brought his greatsword down on Tim, who tried to drag himself away, shrieking in terror. Rohf didn’t care.

The party then made their way to the mansion, scaling the fence. Argus, now dressed as a wounded initiate, told the door guards of an ambush.

“Tim’s in danger!” screamed Argus.

“No! His wife just passed away last week… We can’t leave his newborn daughter an orphan!” responded the guard, motioning his fellow guards onward.

“Go inside and get help! But make sure you see to those wounds,” said the guard, pointing to Argus and then departing.

Argus, Nymphaea, and Logan soon snuck around to the mansion’s rear entrance.. but Rohf had other plans. He kicked in the front door, howling in barbarian fury. The three initiates inside charged him, but they were not match for his greatsword and the storm of lightning that appeared around him whenever he raged.

In seconds they were all dead, with the rest of the party looking on in horror and awe.


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