Nymphaea Anthousai

Noble daughter who hates nobles and loves commoners


5 feet 5 inches. 21 years old.
Wears all black when in commoners presence. Almost always wears a hood to cover her face.
Has pointed features, like a pixie. Long dark hair, wavy. Really pale skin.


Help less fortunate people.

My family was always horrible to common people, but I still love them and try to make them proud. I’m worried that one day they’ll find out what I’ve been up to, but until that day, I will try to maintain the image of the perfect daughter.

When I was younger my mother didn’t take care of me, instead I was taken care of by a lady who had a daughter a few years older then me. Once the daughter was older she also worked for my family, as a personal servant to myself. Together they taught me about the commoner life and how my family’s thinking is wrong. They started my fascination of commoners.

I was also trained by a commoner who was really good at dueling. He taught me and his son how to use rapiers. Since I was very interested in learning, he also taught me in secret about how to be a thief. He was very important throughout my life, but he’s gone missing and I want to find him.

My family was invited to the Baron’s ball that he held. He invited many noble families for political reasons. He also invited Logan’s family since he was the mage for the Baron. I started talking to Logan and found that he was not noble, but a worker. We got to talking since I didn’t want to socialize with other stuffy nobles and bad talked nobles a bit. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about his research and activities of non-nobles. We kind of became friends since that time.

I have a temper problem
I am classist against nobles.
I have romanticized the common life to the point that I don’t recognize the dangers of it.

I am from the country of Artoris, living in the city of Hevola. Brought up in a noble household, I always had servants and helpers around the home. I was expected to always be proper and quiet like a noble daughter should be. I had some academic schooling, as well as some training in swords and such. My family always treated the staff as lowly people, however, one of the commoners who served my family showed me that they were people too and that my family shouldn’t look down upon them. From then on I hated the stuffiness of the noble lifestyle and grew a distaste for noble people and their thinking. I wanted to escape the house, but I knew I couldn’t disappoint my family, I still had to pretend to be the perfect daughter. I learned how to take my noble teachings and use those skills for my own purposes. Specifically for leaving my house in the darkness of night and join the commoners in their night life. I would disguise myself so that no one knew who I was. I wanted to help the commoners, I didn’t want nobles to treat them poorly anymore. I was always told to walk with poise and be quiet, I used this to improve my stealth abilities. I was taught a bit of swords fighting, and used this to my advantage too. I am a thief towards nobles and I want to give to commoners. If noblemen get in my way, I have no remorse for hurting them. All this has been building inside of me, and I have a short temper now.
Since she likes to leave her house at night, she probably met the group sometime while she was out.

Nymphaea Anthousai

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