Argus Black

An older, laid back man, with salt and pepper hair, and loose fitting clothing.


Male, 6 feet tall, dark graying shaggy hair, full beard. Average build. Wears dark, loose fitting clothing, and carries a large case.

Weight: 178 lb
Height: 6’1"
Age: 51


I love to swindle those who I know are more powerful than I, and I have a hidden contempt for the upper class.
Although a very good liar myself, I hate when others are disingenuous and try to pull the truth out of them with conversation.

I cant resist swindling people more powerful than me.
I am a risk taker, often to my detriment.
I like to see how far I can go before things turn sour.

I want to sow seeds of political dissent and educate the common man about the corruption of their kings and barons.

A former prince’s Councillor (Prince Dakkas). Knows many political nobles personally. Had to flee following a political scandal he uncovered. The scandal involved Prince Dakkas’ involvement in fabricating a Casus Belli against Skorriga. Skarriga and The Realm of Dakkas have had a long standing peace treaty to prevent Skarriga ships from pillaging trade routes. Prince Dakkas and his administration staged an attack on one of their trade routes and blamed it on Skarriga as an excuse to go to war. The Realm of Dakkas is currently planning an attack on Skarriga.

Had a wife and child in Zersailles decades ago when he worked as a sailor.

Argus Black

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