Rohf an Skorrige

Prince of Skorrige


Long blond hair

Beard like this but blond

crown thing:

Height: 280 pounds of muscle
Weight: 6’8’’
Age: 26


Description: Prince to a viking tribe on the coast of The great Bay in the Yellow Country. The tribe excelled in interrupting ship routes between Purple Continent and the northern continent. While mining we awoke a sleeping lion golem who attacked the village mercilessly with fire and lightning before retreating towards the southern mountains. With the Viking king and my father dead, I leave the kingdom in the hands of my younger brother while I seek to destroy the golem, bring honour back to the people and discover why this attack happened. With war on the horizon, time is running out.

Ideals: Revenge on the Lion Golem, bring glory back to his people and discover why these Golem attacks are happening. Get aid or discover the Golem’s power to help fight the war

Bonds: Prince to The people of Skorrige, The Lion Golem, Father/ King, The Ocean, little brother. His bond to the ocean is mystical. He feels more at home at sea and near the coast. The closer he gets inland the more claustrophobic and tense he becomes.
While I have never talked to Argus, I sat in on the meeting he had with my father about a declaration of war.

Flaws: Too proud of himself and people, will become enraged and violent if anything negative is said to them.
Because he never had a full chance to actually rule, his only knowledge of ruling is his older father surrounded by elders advising him. Because of this he is too trusting of the elderly because he perceives them as being wise.

Class: Barbarian, Path of the Storm Herald

Rohf an Skorrige

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