Logan Loxely

Court wizard


Shaggy black hair, with
scruffy black beard
blue eyes
looks as if he hasn’t cut his hair or shaved in a few years
Left armed burned
slightly ragged robes
Height : 5’10"
Weight 160
Age: 32


Important Info:
Wife : Iris, worked as a librarian (how we met). Ran a bookstore after we married
Daughter : rose
Hometown : Lilbrook
Parents: Martha and Ander
Brother: Dorick (lives in lilbrook with his family and my parents, secretly smarter then me)
Teacher: Maragus (cooky wizard who first taught me magic, lives in a tower nearby lilbrook), and adria (maragus’s partner who keeps him on track)
Best friend: Tharrion Errich The first (Travelling mage who i met in university, went traveling after graduation and havent seen him since, except when he mysteriously showed up to my wedding, and my daughters birth, also most likely not his real name)
ex boss/ enemy : Sinsa

Ideals: Reuniting with lost family, destroying artifact from wyren

Bonds: Wife, Daughter, Arch priest sinza who i worked under, Day of my house burning down,
Nymphaea : Met at a Sinza’s ball and bonded over disdain of nobles, Talked about popcorn and my research
Letter that came with the artifact

Flaws: I don’t care much for others problems, especially when they get in the way of my goals. I have no respect for nobles as i assume they are all snobs. Standoffish and irritates people easily

Personality: easily irratated when it comes to misinformation, however has a softspot for anyone seeking information and children

Character traits : enjoys learning and relaxing
Loves his family

Strives to rescue his family, but also to become a great wizard (a childhood dream)
Fears: not being strong enough, Deep water (bad incident as a child)
likes to spend free time reading, messing around with transmutation, relaxing in fields
is a symbol of perseverance, loyalty
draws the line at : doing negative things that dont help progress his goals
snaps at: being called incompetent/stupid, having his character or intelligence being called into question basically
breaks down at : if his friends or family are hurt
would follow : an intelligent leader

Logan Loxely

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